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Pupil Sport Premium - Evidencing the Impact

Predicted amount (based on Jan 14 Census) £9640

Total received to date  £5623  (Balance expected 30/4/2015)

Please see the information below which details how the money given as part of the Sports Premium from the Government is planned to be spent.  

Planned  spending  to ensure quality of provision totals £12,918, the difference will be supplemented from the main school budget.

We will make an evaluation of the success of each project at the end of the year.  There are on-going assessments to gauge how much impact each area is having on individual pupils and their achievement in the classrooms.

Delivery Actions Success Criteria Cost
Pat Callaghan:
PE Consultant
Models teaching and learning lessons.
Keeps us updated with new schemes and initiatives.
Supports Co-ordinator in leadership role.
Embed and support assessment of individual children and whole class.
Run obesity club for targeted children.
Support Co-ordinator in role.
  • Improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision.
  • Increase confidence and skill set of teachers
  • Clarify and Embed assessment procedures in PE throughout the school to ensure all pupils the performance standards they are capable of
  • Improve health and fitness of targeted children.
Inter Sport Competitions Provide children with the opportunity to compete with local and citywide schools.
  • Increase participation
  • Ensure all pupils develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Ensure all pupil acheive the performance standards they are capable of.
Between £500 and £1000 for transport to and from competitions as well as medals and certificates
Premier Sports Lunchtime fitness club.
After school and lunchtime clubs linked to upcoming competitions.
  • Increase participation
  • Ensure all pupils develop a healthy lifestyle


Val Sabin Schemes of work To buy new (recommended) schemes of work to Dance, Gymnastics and Games for years 1-6.
  • Enhance the curriculum.
  • Help build confidence of teachers.

Sports 2 skills training and resources



7.5 TA hours per week to support LO staff in quality provision.

To provide training for Co-ordinator to feedback to and train lunchtime organisers.


  • Enhances activities during lunchtime.
  • Provide extra equipment
  • Improve skills and boost staff confidence.







Manchester City in the community To work with Year 3 children for 6 weeks to understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase participation in year 3
  • Ensure all pupils develop a healthy lifestyle
Golden Mile Encourage all children throughout the school to walk, jog or run up to a mile a week
  • Encourage pupils to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Increase participation
Competition league
Developing movement skills at KS1 course
To enter local and citywide competitions.
Help staff to identify and develop skills at KS1. This will be filtered across the whole of KS1 as well as into EYFS.
  • Increase participation
  • Ensure all pupils develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhance the curriculum
  • Improve staff confidence
  • Help staff to identify children that need extra help and to meet their needs







Membership to youth sport Trust to get staff training provision






Additional staff training

(30 cpd twilights across the range of pe provision)

  • Enhance the curriculum
  • Help build confidence of teachers
  • Support extra curricular provision
  • Support participation in competitive leagues.












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