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Pupil Sport Premium - Evidencing the Impact

Amount of Grant received – Year 1 (2013/14): £9405(£5768 received Oct 13/£3637 received May 14) Date: September 2014

Resource Evidence Available Implementation Funding Breakdown Impact Next Steps
Pat Callaghan and Little Sports specialist Coaches Teacher Survey

Lesson Montoring
Models teaching and learning lessons.

Keeps us updated with new schemes and intiatives.

Supports Co-ordinator in leadership role.
  • Improved the quality of teaching in PE.
  • Boosted confidence of teachers
  • Kept co-ordinator up to date with changes and new intiatives
Continue provision next academic year. Target NQT and RQTs first.

Clarify and embed assessment process of pupils in PE
Little Sports Coaching Registers

Progress report
Lunchtime clubs for targeted children X 5 a week.

After school clubs X 4 a week.
  • Promoted a healthier lifestyle for pupil.
  • Enabled selected pupils to acheive the performance standards they are capale of
Evaluate quality of provision.

Target more children for specific interventions (especially obesity)
Enter Sports competitions Competition results Provide children with the opportunity to compete with local schools Time from Staff
  • Increase participation
  • Ensure pupils develop healthier lifestyles.
To enter more competitions next year and increase skill level.
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