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Sports Premium Action Plan 2016 17

Sports Premium Action Plan



This Action Plan incorporates the traditional PE subject Action Plan, and within the overall school improvement plan. It is specifically developed to ensure the effective use of the new Sports Premium.

The plan will:

·        improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision

·        increase participation

·        ensure all pupils develop healthy lifestyles

·        ensure all pupils achieve the performance standards they are capable of.


This plan is shaped by the advice offered to schools by the Department for Education in its communication to schools in June 2013. It is designed to directly address the key findings and recommendations of the Ofsted Report:

“Beyond 2012 : Outstanding PE for all Schools”


(The baseline information for this plan was established at the start of the Autumn term of 2014)

Pupil Achievement



Key Issue



Current position


Key actions






The challenging of more able pupils






·         Improvement of expertise in differentiation techniques for all staff.  To continue this into 2016/17






·         Lack of parental support to extend pupils beyond the curriculum

-          Offer specific support to talented young sports people to develop their sporting potential

-          Provide coaching for G&T children (with a view to enter competitions and encourage attendance to local clubs)


-          Provide specific coaching for G and T children with qualified sports coaches gym / dance (qualified coaches on school staff).  Encourage parents to enrol them in local clubs.  Make at least 3 school to club links.
















Developing physical fitness




·         Raised children’s levels of fitness through PE lessons  in 2015/16





·          Identified pupils requiring targeted support (overweight) and ran Change for Life club in KS1 all year

-          Subject leader to run annual staff meeting to ensure ALL staff understand the importance of physical fitness and that ALL PE lessons are 80% vigorous physical activity


-          Continue to identify pupils (visual assessment and look at competence in PE – combined overweight and poor at PE)





Meeting the 25m swimming expectation.

·         Most children leave school able to swim 25 metres

-          Continue to assess pupils failing in year 4 and provide extra tuition during weekly swimming lessons




Provision for all young people to participate in a range of high quality activities on the school site.

  • Regular lunch time clubs and  regular after school clubs provided by specialised coaches from ‘One Goal’

-          To continue to co-ordinate and manage specialist coaches to run regular lunchtime and after school clubs twice a week,  which change on a half termly basis

-          To continue to co-ordinate clubs to ensure at least 39% of KS2 children are involved in extra-curricular activities each week.



Provision for pupils to undertake leadership roles

  • Last year we provided the opportunity for leadership through the ‘One Goal’ PSHE programme with 16% of KS2 children involved

-          To continue  to engage at least 10% of children in leading and managing in 2016/17





Quality of Teaching



Key Issue



Current position


Key actions






Improving subject knowledge.


Associated issues:


·         Quality of feedback


·         Knowledge of how to progress skills


·         Knowledge of expected standards.









All staff follow same scheme – Val Sabin


All staff have had training on how to progress skills (staff meeting run by NW)









       -     NW to recap on schemes with       

             all staff during Autumn Term     

            and check planning to ensure    

            all skills are being taught


-          NW seen to work alongside specified staff (in particular NQTs and RQTs ) re. expected standards and progression










Assessment procedures



·         Assessment used from planning.  Most staff had training last year on use of assessment.  Need to train new staff and recap with rest of staff

-          NW to continue to train all new staff and recap with other staff on assessment procedures in new scheme

-          NW to run annual  inset on on-going assessment within lessons to cascade to all staff





The Curriculum



Key Issue



Current position


Key actions






Time allocation





·         All staff are teaching their allocated PE lessons  of 3 sessions per week




·         We have no regular opportunities to engage pupils in planning and development of activities


·         An improved number of after school clubs and lunch time clubs / activities taking place










·         We currently have no school to club links






·         Creation of an active playground improved due to deployment of TA to



2 hour PE allocation a main priority due to additional government funding

-          Recap and amend (if necessary) the comprehensive timetable of PE times/hall use etc.


-          To have regular opportunities to engage pupils in planning and development of activities within PE lessons (UKS2)



-          To continue to link clubs to competition calendar and enter at least 6 level 1 and 4 level 2 competitions and engage at least 35% of KS2 children in competitions


-          To target G and T children for specific clubs


-          To create 2 B teams for both boys and girls football


-          Develop at least 3 school to club links


-          Continue to use effective and affordable way to improve lunchtimes. 

-          Continue to co-ordinate LOs to use dedicated equipment used to zone the playgrounds.  This is to be monitored each half term by GK

-          Deploy city year volunteers to sustain an active playground




















































Encouraging high standards of team and individual performance

·         Just a regular boys football club being run by TA and Teacher












·         No competitions entered for SEND children in 2015/16

-          Expand on teams and coaching available for more able children:

Girls:  football


Boys: football



-          To continue with whole school initiative for all staff to run a lunchtime, before or after school club with some focussing on PE


-          Enter at least 1 SEND competition during 2016/17





Leadership and Management


Key Issue



Current position


Key actions






Monitoring of subject leadership by SLT

·         Informal/adhoc meetings between PE co-ordinator and head teacher

·         Part of appraisal

-          To self-assess in formal meeting with head teacher and use this to inform future priorities






Monitoring of the quality of teaching and assessment by SLT

·         Currently monitoring is done termly by PE co-ordinator

-          PE co-ordinator to continue to take responsibility for monitoring and to report to head teacher

-          Formalised and timetabled monitoring of PE across the school (must be done termly)






SLT providing challenge and support to address weaknesses


·         This responsibility is devolved to subject leader

-          Subject leader to continue to have formalised meetings with head teacher each term following monitoring of PE across the school






Improving evaluation of the subject by subject leader



·         Review Action Plan annually

-          Continue with the new system for monitoring that is in place

-          New sports premium Action Plan to be reviewed annually






Increasing focus on the quality of teaching and assessment in improvement plans

·         Emphasis on teaching and assessment requirements

-          Annual evaluation to include:

i)                    findings from lesson monitoring

ii)                   teacher assessment of pupil attainment/progress

iii)                 monitoring of planning and evaluation by class teachers





The Yellow highlighted priorities are linked to the School Games Award action plan for 2016/17.  They are priorities that we need to work on in order to achieve the Silver Award in 2016/17.


Total Sport Premium allocated for 2016 17:  £9,705

Planned expenditure to :

·         improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision

·         increase participation

·         ensure all pupils develop healthy lifestyles

·         ensure all pupils achieve the performance standards they are capable of.


Balance of £7423 allocated from delegated budget


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