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Our Action Team

Our Action Team works hard to promote children's rights around school and globally.

Congratulations to Bradley Worsley, Emily Powney, Reuben Ashton and Lilly May Farrell - our new members for 2017/18. More news from the Action Team to follow shortly...wink


Hi, my name is Harry Bell. I am very proud to be a part of the rights respecting Action Team with my friends. You should recognise us by our badges on our jumpers or T-shirts. I am nine years old.


Hi, my name is Ava I am 10 years old and I am part of the rights respecting action team. We work together with UNICEF to help children living around the world to have their rights met and to raise money for basic needs such as food, water clothes and a shelter.


Hi, I'm Gabriella and I'm from the school Action Team. We campaign with UNICEF and raise money for charities.





Hola! Me llamo Troy, I am proud of being an action team member in our rights respecting school. We work with UNICEF to promote children's rights.



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