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LKS2 TOPIC- Rainforests

This term we have been learning about the rainforests around the world! We have looked at the different types on animals, where different rainforests are, the climate of the rainforest and much much more! 

Design and Technology

We have designed a poison dart frog that we will be making into a bean bag using felt and lentils. We will use a needle and thread to attach the pieces of felt together. 


Keep watching to see how they turn out!

skye 2

One of our finished frogs!

We have been working SO hard with our sewing skills to create our poison dart frog bean bags! The frog on the left was created by Skye in 4JA. She said 'Step 1: I cut the frog shape and the legs out of felt material. Step 2: I stuck the legs on. Then I started to sew using backstitch. I left a hole and then filled it with lentils. After I stitched up the hole I decorated it and Hey Presto!'

LKS2 TOPIC - Manchester

This Spring term we will be finding out more about the amazing city that is our home - Manchester! We will be learning about the heritage of the different people who live here, the city's history and its world-famous music and art. We will be exploring Manchester, its buildings and learning about all the famous people who have come from here. Just a few are on our gallery below, how many do you recognise?

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