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We are scientists!

Today we did our science AT1 investigation exploring the finches of the Galapogas Islands and how they have evolved to be best adapted to the food types available on the different islands. We used different implements to imitate beak types found on the island and focussed in on our predictions. 

beaks 1(1)beaks 2beaks 3

The new Snicketts!

What an exciting morning! Miss Robinson met her new class today and got to know the new team members of Lemony Snickett (lucky girl). Children in the class played some team building games including this architecture challenge using speghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the tallest tower. Everyone is very excited to see eachother again in Lemony Snickett in September after a good, long holiday!


What's been happening in Lemony Snicket?

Should Fireworks be allowed? The big debate!

In Lemony Snicket, we have been debating whether fireworks should be permitted or not. We had arguments both for and against and used features of a balanced argument like exaggeration and conditionals. After debating in class, we had a vote. 13 people voted that fireworks should be allowed and 9 people voted against fireworks being used. What else could we debate in class? No one can deny that this created some great discussion!


Planets! We are scientists.

Following our science topic from last half term, we made our own collages of the planets and wrote facts we had learnt from the unit for each of the planets. You can see our wonderful display on the UKS2 corridor. Ask your child how they remember the order of the planets. Is there an acrostic poem that we  can use? 

Planets display(1)

Chester Zoo!

Thanks to the generous offer from Chester Zoo, we had the fantastic opportunity of being trainee conservationists at Chester Zoo following our fab workshops in school. We travelled by bus and arrived at the zoo where we were greeted by Jenny, one of the conservationist workers. She showed us where they have the breeding programme for endangered species of Indonesian birds in the Zoo and we even got to look around some of the other animals once we had finished our workshops. We all had a fantastic day- take a look at some of our pictures from the day below. 

6RO Selfie
We arrived safely
Class photo
Harry made friends with the Maccaques
Joshua loved the elephants!
Orangutan beds are comfy
Turtle boys
We even saw a Nemo (clown fish)
We saw a Bali Starling in the conservation area
We went into the butterfly house

Poetry recital

Yesterday we recited our poem 'Snowman' in the KS2 assembly. All the children learnt the poem off by heart and did actions to each of the verses. Can you tell any of the poetic features our poem had? Well done Lemony Snickett, we are so proud of your performance! 

Snowman recital

Victorian Topic Launch Day

To kick off our new exciting Victorian topic days, children in years 5 and 6 dressed up as victorians. Ask your children wha they have been learning about over the two days and how things differ today from back then. Courtney, Amari and Reanne looked fantastic in their outfits!

Victorian dress up

Experimenting materials

To end our topic learning all about properties and changes of materials, we asked the question of Which material was the most absorbent. Each group thought carefully about how to make it a fair test and what their variable would be. We found that cotton wool was the most absorbent material. 


Mean Mode and Median

Today, we collected leaves from the edible playground and measured them accurately to find the mean, mode and median of the lengths of the leaves. Ask a member of Lemony Snickett to teel you how we calculated them.

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