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What's been happening in Lemony Snicket?


We investigated circuits in our Science AT1 today. Ask us all about the voltage within a circuit and how that affects the components, we are circuit experts now!

circuit at1 1circuit at1 2

We are scientists!

Today we did our science AT1 investigation exploring the finches of the Galapogas Islands and how they have evolved to be best adapted to the food types available on the different islands. We used different implements to imitate beak types found on the island and focussed in on our predictions. 

beaks 1(1)beaks 2beaks 3

The new Snicketts!

What an exciting morning! Miss Robinson met her new class today and got to know the new team members of Lemony Snickett (lucky girl). Children in the class played some team building games including this architecture challenge using speghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the tallest tower. Everyone is very excited to see eachother again in Lemony Snickett in September after a good, long holiday!

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