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How Year 1 saved their elf in science week



When we found out that we had lost our elf, we decided to make some posters on our writing table. We sent them round the school.


We found our poor elf stuck in a big block of ice in the kitchen! We talked about how he could have got in there. We decided our elf had gone swimming in a bowl of water in the kitchen - then by accident got put in the freezer! 

Now what?

We did not have anything strong enough to chop the ice to free our elf. We realised we had to melt it to get to him. We could think of 3 things we needed... 




We did it!

We saw that warmth from the radiator and warm water worked best to melt the ice and turn it back in to water. We were so happy to have our cheeky elf back! We let him sleep on the radiator to dry off.

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