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Summer 2 - Learning from home

Summer 2 Term – Learning from home information

As part of our plans to continue to support remote teaching and learning, after half term we will be complementing our resources with those from Oak National Academy. The Oak National Academy has been created by teachers, specifically to support pupils’ learning at home. It is backed by the Department for Education and supports children from Reception – Year 6.

To access the Oak National Academy there will be a link for each day of the week on your child’s log in page on the VLE. Every day children will have access to a Maths, Literacy and Topic lesson. Some of these lessons are linked so it is important you do these in day order. Children who are attending school will also be completing these activities.

The activities include quizzes, videos and tasks for children to complete in their exercise books. When children have completed their 3 tasks for the day we would like them to write 3 things they have learnt that day in response to their task. For younger children you might want to ask your child and type their responses into the task box. In this box you can also upload any pictures of the work that children have completed for these activities. The video will show you how this should look when you log in to the VLE.

As well as the work from the Oak National Academy we would like to encourage all children in Reception – Year 6 to spend at least 15 minutes a day on TTRockstars and/or Numbots. Children in Reception – Year 4 should also complete their online phonics lessons daily. (See schedule below)

Each week children will also be set a POWER project, these projects are about a variety of different topics and encourage children to become independent researchers. These projects will appear weekly on the VLE and they are saved on the school website. Children can save this work into their ‘My Work` folders on the VLE and it will be looked at by members of staff.

To help support learning at home we have created a daily timetable which shows the different tasks children should complete each day.


Daily Timetable

Learning 'POWER` Projects

EYFS Learning Projects - Summer 2

KS1 Learning Projects- Summer 2

LKS2 Learning Projects - Summer 2

UKS2 Learning Projects - Summer 2

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