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Art Hubbs

ArtHUBBS was an artistic project involving Year 3 and Year 4, Manchester Art Gallery and the artist Harriet Hall.

Children visited Manchester Art Gallery and had workshops in school with Harriet. Their work focused around 5 key words that the children had highlighted as important at Baguley Hall Primary as a Rights Respecting and Peace Mala school.

These words were:






During each exciting activity there was plenty of careful thinking, interesting discussion and excellent teamwork. Every child in Year 3 and Year 4 showed their respect for one another at all times and worked together to sort out problems in a fair way.

In addition to this, children had the opportunity to develop other artistic skills. They explored different ways of making and changing, using different materials and tools such as wire, paper, string, scissors and hole-punches. They also experimented with colour, origami, patterns and sculpture.

Year 3 and Year 4 created a piece of artwork to represent each of the HUBBS words: Harmony, Unity, Build, Balance, Strength. Harriet Hall used the children’s suggestions and photographs she had taken of their work to help create the fantastic final piece -  a permenent art installation which you can see at the entrance to our Assembly Hall.

Throughout the process the children acted as excellent ambassadors of our school. The artist, Harriet Hall, described the project and highlighted the children’s skills and qualities:

 “For our art HUBBS projects we explored some really interesting words; Harmony, Unity, Balance, Build and Strength. The pupils had the language to talk about these themes on many different levels; mathematically, artistically and emotionally. For example, with balance they talked about the balance of weight, the balance of colours and shapes in a picture, as well as fairness. I could see the pupils had an excellent fountain in lots of key skills, but what surprised and delighted me was their emotional intelligence.  The pupils’ ability to discuss emotions and expressing empathy and understanding is a credit to the school, teachers, pupils and their grown ups. At Baguley Hall Primary School everyone made me feel very welcome, they looked after me and each other. There is a real sense of teamwork and community.” Harriet Hall, Interference-Art.

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