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Reading at Baguley Hall is essential in everyday school life. We encourage children to read for pleasure daily as well providing sructure lessons in reading. Reading throughout the curriculum allows children to develop their vocabulary and understanding in all subjects. 

Guided Reading

Guided reading is taught in all classes and is where the teaching teaches reading and comprehension to pupils. At Baguley Hall, we use the VIPERS to develop comprehension and understanding. 

V - Vocabulary

I - Inference

P - Predict

E - Explain

R - Retrieve

S - Sequence (KS1). Summarise (KS2)

For more information please please see VIPERS information below. 


5-a-day and 3-a-day Books

To support the development of children's early vocabulary, in Nursery, Rececption and KS1, children enjoy repeated readings of quality texts, 3 or 5 times a day, every day, for a week. Each shared session is carefully planned to suport the understanding and embedding of new vocabulary.


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Key Stage 1 

KS1 1(1)KS1 2(1)KS1 3KS1 4

To help support children in LKS2, following the school closure, fro the Autumn term, they are also  having a regular 3 a day text. These have been planned using recommended reads for LKS2 and are linked to class topics.

Reading for Pleasure and Across the Curriculum


Our intent is develop children's love of reading. We aim to do this in various ways including: 

  • Giving children in the independence to choose their own books within their reading range. This is magaeed through the Accelerated Reader programme. 
  • Teachers sharing their owe love of reading with children. 
  • Developing Teachers as Readers and having a Teachers Book Share programme. 
  • Teachers reading aloud to children to model the enjoyemnt of reading. 
  • Having a wide selection of books that link to the wider curriculum that excite and inspire children.

 Below are the reading spines for KS2 linked to the wider in curriculum. In the EYFS and KS1, children a read a story everyday to develop their love of reading too.

C1 Y3(1)C1 Y4(1)C1 Y5(1)C1 Y6(1)C2 Y3(1)C2 Y4(1)C2 Y5(1)C2 Y6(1)
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