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Dear parents and carers,

Following notification of a confirmed case of corona virus, I am writing to inform you that all the children in 6S and anyone who came to school on the walking bus on Friday 23rd October, should isolate with immediate effect. The isolation period will be up to and including Friday 6th November. This means they should stay indoors, at home. Close contact with other members of the household should be minimised where possible. Unless they develop symptoms, there is no need to book a test.

No other members of the household need to isolate at this time and any siblings may return to school on Monday.  

If anyone in the household develops symptoms, then the rest of the household will need to isolate for 14 days from the onset of symptoms. 

We will be in touch on Monday 2nd November with details of the remote learning arrangements for your child. 

Many thanks for your support. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Bulman

September 2020     Welcome Back!!!

The school risk assessment and parent information pack are saved below. If you wish to read the guidance on which these documents are based you can find it at:


The following document may also be of interest to you:



We will keep you updated with information on this page as and when we have it. Please scroll down for the latest updates.


Summary of the main guidance:

Symptoms to be concerned about are:

new continuous cough


high temperature.

Loss of sense of tast or smell

If you or someone in your household becomes unwell  with the above symptoms THEY should have a test (dial 119 or book online at gov.uk) and must stay at home for 10 days. After10 days, if better and they no longer have a temperature, they can return to school/work. 

The remainder of the household should stay at home for 14 days from the first day of symptoms OR 10 days from becoming unwell themselves, if that is sooner. They can then return to work/school.

** The cough may persist beyond 10 days but this on its own is not a reason to stay at home.

You can read this guidance in full by following:

www.gov.uk - scroll down to

Coronavirus latest advice and guidance. click on 

Covid 19 stay at home guidance.

Read this page with particular reference to the ending isolation section.


nb If you or a member of your household is ill with something else eg a tummy bug,  earache etc,  the 7/14 day rules do not apply. 


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