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The Governing Body

Governor details 2021-22


Name  Designation Committee Membership Voting rights Link Governor Date of Appointment End of term Pecuniary interests
Michael Allison Partnership R - Chair Yes Pupil Premium 15/07/2019 15/07/2023 None
Kate Bulman Headteacher S, R Yes LAC 22/03/2023 N/A None
Vicky Cook Staff S Yes   12/12/2020 12/12/2024 None
Anne-Marie Dorsey SBM No   22/03/2015 N/A None
Katie McDwyer  Local Authority R Yes   30/11/2021 30/11/2025 None
Clair Goulding Deputy Headteacher S No   22/03/2015 N/A None
Laura Lodge Co-opted S Yes Literacy 01/09/2018 01/09/2022 None
Peter Renshaw Co opted Vice Chair of Governors S, R  Yes SEND 26/03/2018 26/03/2024 None
Emma Small Parent R Yes   19/10/2020 18/10/2021 None
Helen Spencer Co-opted S Yes   22/11/2021 22/11/2025 None
Kayleigh Spencer Parent S Yes Safeguarding 19/04/2021 19/04/2025 None
Carol Steedman Partnership,  Chair of Governors P, S, R Yes Attendance  22/03/2015 22/03/2023 None
Qazim Zaffar Co opted R Yes Finance & GDPR 24/06/2019 18/10/2021 None




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