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City Year at Baguley Hall!

Our new 2017/18 team has now arrived at Baguley Hall! We have a team of 7 volunteers who are here to support pupils throughout the school day.

It is our aim to support teachers to encourage the best progress for all children in school!

We help out throughout the school day, on duties and on our new walking bus.

Please feel free to say hello to us on the playground. You will recognise us in our red jackets!

Anti-Bullying Week 2017!

Kindness by Caylum Risk

Kicking other people is not nice

Invite your friends to be kind

Never fight back

Do walk away when someone annoys you

Nice behaviour is always gentle

Everyone should be peaceful

Smile happily

Show the best of you!

Each Day by Gabriella Jackson

Each day she gets hit...

Each day she gets teased...

Each day she gets even worse...

A day later she wasn't seen...

Each day she looks happier...

Each day she looks stronger...

Each day she just brushes the haters off...

All because she spoke up.

A poem by Alana-Mae

Bullying is cruel

Treat others with respect

Be kind and helpful

Help others if they're hurt

Always give a smile

It will make people happy.


Congratulations to our children who wrote fantastic poems during Anti-Bullying week!

Have a read of the poems below!

Kindness by Harley Turner

Kindess is taking care of people

Invite people with kindness and don't leave anybody out

Never kick people and be peaceful to everybody

Do be friendly to everyone

Never be heartless because people should treat you as you wish to be treated

Everybody will be kind and helpful if you are kind and helpful back

Say to people "Do you want to play?"

Smiling and laughing, that's what you want to hear.

A poem by Kush

I wish for love

I wish for peace

and not hurt animals like doves

to not hurt people and to be free.

I wish for happiness

and for people to see what they are looking for, 

happiness, love and peace!


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